Motion graphics

Attracting attention with motion graphics

Even subtle movement helps to draw the eye and engage the audience. Our motion graphics can breathe new life into your presentations and bring your infographics to life.

Motion graphics are excellent for storytelling, often simplifying your message, to increase engagement. They are easy on the eye and are a great tool for explainer videos or highlighting product information particularly in the B2B and technology sector.

Why not complement your next campaign? We can also cut motion graphics to deliver short 15 – 20 second snippets for social media that will help to drive traffic to your landing pages.

Some of our favourite projects

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“Incognate worked with Sepura to develop a series of short animations designed to highlight some powerful new product functionality. The result was a highly engaging and distinctive series of videos which we have shared with partners and led directly to some excellent sales interactions.”

Ben Yelton, Communications Manager, Sepura.