Video production

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"Video is fast becoming the go to content for B2B marketers and will help to set you apart from your competition. In fact, 45% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their marketing repertoire by 2021."

Engaging, informing, and influencing decisions

If you want to really connect with your audience then video is for you. More and more people are consuming video and Google is already starting to rank video-based content higher than text-based content.

Let’s face it, if you want to find out about almost anything it is much faster and easier to watch a video. Yet, for B2B marketers it is becoming even more important as more decision makers today will make buying decisions after they have watched a video.

As buying cycles grow and with less direct influence from your sales team, video can make a significant difference in your sales cycle.

Video helps you to stand out from the crowd

“Delivering a range of marketing content from case studies, white papers to video animations. The Incognate team are incredibly responsive and professional in their approach.”

David Langton, Senior Vice President Marketing at Eseye