Direct B2B Marketing for Technology Companies

Are you targeting the right people?

Is your messaging hitting the spot or is it old, out of date and no longer effective?


When you want to connect with and engage senior decision-makers, your messaging needs to focus on their pain points and what keeps them up at night rather than the features of your products.

We will help you to develop powerful messaging

We can help you to establish a messaging framework that will create powerful propositions to get your voice heard in busy markets.


Our messaging workshops get senior managers around the table to produce stand out, competition beating messaging that not only demonstrates the benefits of your product to your target audience but shows them how it will solve their most pressing problems.

If you recognise the need to refresh your sales proposition Incognate has over three decades of experience and expertise at the sharp end of technology sales. 

How our messaging workshops deliver value

What is a messaging workshop?


A workshop means getting the right people around the table – senior managers, marketing, sales, business development, product managers and consultants to build coherent sales and marketing messages.


By identifying:

– Who’s buying

– What are their problems?

– What keeps them awake at night

– How do they measure the impact of their problems?


You’ll know exactly what you should be saying in every sales and marketing message you use.

Attention-grabbing messages for SQS

“To target senior decision makers across multiple markets we recognised the need to create new, more compelling and focused messaging. Incognate’s Messaging Framework and the workshops they ran enabled us to draw out the right messages from key people in our business. It allowed us to really explore our prospects needs, issues and how to create stronger positioning to get our message heard. Incognate’s Messaging Framework really helps to get to the heart of the message that helps to gain more traction and attention.”

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