Are your messages driving sales engagement?

Are you targeting the right people?

Our messaging services are geared to increase your engagement with senior decision makers. Rather than focusing on all the things your product can do. We focus on driving out powerful messaging that gets to the heart of your prospects’ explicit drivers, needs and how your solution delivers!

Developing an engaging messaging framework


Our Messaging Framework helps you to create value based propositions that highlight the benefits of your solution and are tailored to target the right audience.


Our approach is to run a messaging workshop to get the right people around the table to produce powerful messaging. This will be output into a messaging framework that will help you to clearly demonstrate the benefits that your product, services of solution delivers based on the perspective of your prospect’s needs.


Do you recognise the need for fresh messaging to help you to increase your sales and marketing engagement at a senior level?

Messaging Workshop

The aim of our Messagin Workshop is to establish messages for your target market. 


It helps to identify who’s buying? What are their problems? How are they measured? What keeps them awake at night? The answer to these questions tells us exactly what you should be saying across all your sales and marketing activities.  

Typically run over half a day we consolidate information gathered into a valuable Messaging Framework to help you to build consistent and coherent sales and marketing messaging.  

Workshop means getting the right people around the table including: Senior management • Marketing • Sales • SMEs and Consultants • Product Manager • Business Development Manager • Delivery director


Do you need help creating your value proposition? 

Attention-grabbing messages for SQS

“To target senior decision makers across multiple markets we recognised the need to create new, more compelling and focused messaging. Incognate’s Messaging Framework and the workshops they ran enabled us to draw out the right messages from key people in our business. It allowed us to really explore our prospects needs, issues and how to create stronger positioning to get our message heard. Incognate’s Messaging Framework really helps to get to the heart of the message that helps to gain more traction and attention.”

Jo Bance, Global Marketing Director, SQS Group Ltd