Laser-focused Sales Lead Generation for Technology Companies

Incognate exists to support sales and marketing leaders in the technology sector to grow high-value sales pipelines  across a range of market sectors.


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Our approach and services enable us to tailor what we deliver to suit your needs, budget and success criteria. We are a friendly bunch and act as part of your team, delivering campaigns with intimacy, care, and with the aim to delight you through the results.


Our services support the marketing of complex IT solutions and the generation of sales ready leads to build and fill your sales pipeline. We pride ourselves in getting you in front of difficult to reach C-Level and senior decision-makers to help grow your sales pipeline and your business.


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Direct B2B Marketing for Technology Companies

I can trust Incognate to deliver on a project within the timescales that we require, and I never have to worry - I have no sleepless nights.

Berni Maguire: Head of Marketing, Axians UK and Ireland

Incognate’s 3-step approach to more sales leads

Messaging Development

We create powerful up-to-date B2B marketing propositions that will engage senior decision-makers, prod their pain points and demonstrate how your solution solves their problem.

Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign

We focus on your target accounts to drive out powerful propositions using a combination of emails, telephone contact and LinkedIn development to engage key contacts.

Compelling Campaign Content

Creating new content or curating existing collateral will help to inform and engage the target audience. This supports us in delivering quality, well qualified, B2B marketing and sales qualified leads.

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