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Specialising in direct B2B marketing for technology companies everything we do is focused on helping you to reach higher.


We will help you to reach more senior decision makers, reach higher sales targets and reach your business goals.


Incognate Managing Director John Bancroft shares how we drive sales for our clients.


Our team always go the extra mile - often above and beyond - to achieve the sales results you need


Providing B2B messaging, marketing, video, and content services to grow your sales


In our regular blogs we share many tips on how to generate more new business sales


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Our 3-step approach to more sales leads

Designed to maximize your budget and minimize your sales and marketing time, costs and resources involved in generating more sales.

Step 1 

Messaging Development 

Step 2 

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Step 3 

Content Creation

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Our Latest Blogs

Introduction to ‘You Film We Edit’

Normally the preserve of larger companies Incognate has launched a You Film We Edit service to help more marketing professionals in the creation of engaging videos. Our service offers support from script to final output – find out more here Also look out for our

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Will indecision lose you sales in 2021?

Over the years I have spent hours in the latter weeks of the year carrying out sales and marketing planning. My head literally spinning with what ifs, numerous assumptions, and scientific-type equations based on the current year’s performance. All with the aim of working out

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Why laser focused lead generation is critical today

When selling large, complex, and often high value IT products, services and solutions deals can take months to close, particularly when opportunities vary from £250,000 to over a £1 million and involve multiple decision makers. Often, our clients only need a handful of these types

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