70% of B2B buyers research potential purchase by watching video

Want to attract and engage your audience?

Video’s increasing popularity with the global population for leisure and business is expanding rapidly.


In addition, B2B technology companies have recognised that most of their buyers want to watch videos to help them understand products and services when they’re researching their next purchase.


Our video animation services will help you to attract, engage and educate potential customers, which will, in turn, drive sales.


With fierce competition in the technology sector, you have to work harder and be more innovative than your competitors. We can help by creating informative, engaging, and eye-catching videos to promote your products and services.

“2019 saw a significant rise in the use of motion graphics as a highly effective way of attracting, engaging, educating and converting sales leads with 70% of potential B2B buyers watching a video about the product or service before making a purchase.”

Video Animation

Bring your brand to life and engage your audience with video animation.


Initially, we will discuss your video’s aim, the audience, and where you will use it. Then working within your brand and design guidelines, we’ll develop several creative ideas for your approval and agree an initial concept.


Once the initial concept is agreed our process is:

  • Collect and collate any assets required, such as logos etc
  • Create a script of between 100 – 150 words
  • Choose a voice over artist
  • Script sign off
  • Rough draft/design elements/storyboarding
  • Fine draft of your video animation, with music where required
  • Final draft – following any amendments.
  • Final cut – Your final video!
  • We can deliver in any major format, but generally, all our videos are HD Mp4 1920×1090.

To turn your messaging into easy to watch and video animation, contact us today.

Our video animation offers are as follows:


1 min video £995 + VAT (normally £1,295 + VAT)


1.5 min Video £1,295 + VAT (normally £1,495 + VAT)


2 min video £1,495 + VAT (normally £1,995 + VAT)


Simply choose the length of video you would like and get in touch to organise a briefing. We also produce bespoke videos to meet your exact requirements.

Simplify complex ideas with Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are an excellent medium for storytelling in your presentation and content and simplifying complex ideas into easily understood concepts to increase engagement.


In the B2B technology sector, they are especially helpful in explainer videos and highlighting product information.


We can produce motion graphics of any length, cutting down longer sequences for social media to drive traffic to your landing pages and offers.

Some of our favourite projects

Would you like to simplify complex messages and increase engagement with video graphics? 

Fast, affordable video editing

The final version of your video is only as good as the editing. A great way to engage and attract visitors, they will improve your social media interactions and increase your Google rankings.


Animated video production doesn’t have to be eye-wateringly expensive. By utilising our ‘you film we edit’ service, you get the advantage of a beautifully edited video without an exorbitant cost.

The five steps to a beautiful, professional B2B video

1 - Script review, editing and completion

2 – Capture your video using our guide

3 – Complete our editing form and send your video

4 - Our editor cuts it together and adds the final touches

5 – Your video is output to HD Mp4 1920×1090

Our ‘Standard’ package for a three-minute video starts at £295 + VAT and includes – 2 rounds of amendments, an embedded opening logo screen, title, sub-titles and a call to action.


Embrace your inner Spielberg, and let us edit it into a compelling, engaging video. Contact us today to find out more.

B2B Video Production

Inform, influence and engage with video

45% of marketers plan to add YouTube to their marketing mix by the end of 2021 to set them apart from their competition.


Increasingly your customers are consuming video to feel engaged and connected with their suppliers. In fact, Google has begun to rank video content higher than text-only content.


Researching almost anything is faster with a short video than reading pages of dense text. For B2B marketers, it is becoming even more critical as many decision-makers will only make purchasing decisions after using video for research.


As buying cycles lengthen, video can be the deciding factor in your sales cycle.


To discuss how our animated video production services can get you ranking on Google, contact us today

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