Close the credibility gap!

B2B telesales

Close the credibility gap!

Time is precious. Once you have spent it you can never get it back, ask for a refund or spend that time again, and, neither can your prospects. With that in mind, we wanted to provide some tips and advice on how best to build credibility fast when you approach senior decision makers. This is based on many years of running outbound B2B marketing campaigns and targeting senior decision makers in large enterprises.  

We recognise that sending out an email blast to certain titles can lead to identifying ‘low hanging fruit’ and those most interested in an offer. Yet what should you consider when start to actively follow up and pursue key individuals? 

Today, it is important to check you are targeting the right person, with a relevant pitch and can demonstrate how they might achieve a solid return.  

Are you targeting the right person? 

Firstly. you need to ensure you are approaching the best person. You should consider checking profiles on LinkedIn and key people profiles on the company website that might reveal some interesting facts about different people and their roles. You may think somebody is the most obvious to approach based on the title, but you might be surprised. If you are not getting any traction a quick call to speak with reception or the persons PA will help you to qualify this further. You may need to reach higher in the organisation or be directed to a better contact. It could lead to identifying an opportunity, but if you don’t check this earlier in the process your emails and calls could continue to go unanswered.  

Is what you are selling relevant? 

A small amount of research can make a big difference. You need to check if they are showing any outward appearance of struggling with issues your solution can solve? A quick web search could identify stories in the press that highlight difficulties or even pick up notifications from industry bodies or regulators? A person recently appointed to a new post could flag a need. Also, check a company’s annual report that could also provide an indication of how they might benefit from your solution.  

Further investigation might reveal that the company simply cannot buy what you are selling. They may not have the right company structure, infrastructure, or a host of other things related to turnover or employees. Sometimes a quick Google search, or call in, could reveal that they have already recently bought a competitor’s product, service, or solution. This may mean you would be better moving on and focusing your time on other prospects. It could also lead you to approaching and connecting to the right person so that you can pitch to them the next time they are buying the product, service or solution.  

How can you build credibility through demonstrating a return? 

Ultimately the main goal for the majority of companies is to deliver excellent customer value while taking care of all stakeholders and making a profit. And so one of the key ways to build credibility fast is to help them to understand how they will benefit from your product, service or solution. Talking about product specifications, your approach and methodology or how good your people are will be unlikely to sway them or want them to carry on reading or continue the conversation.  

Instead try including a short example or examples of outcomes and benefits early on in emails or your discussion. This provides them with some more tangible detail and is a great way to build credibility fast. If you can explain how your solution helped somebody in the same or similar role, in a competitor, then you are likely to get their attention, particularly if you know that they have similar challenges. It gives them a reason to respond more positively to an email or stay on the call and give you some more of their precious time.  

You do need to keep it short. What was the problem, how was that hurting your client, how did you solve it and what have been the main benefits? This should get their attention particularly if they are likely to have similar issues or needs. And then close with an open question… ‘What kind of challenges have you been facing? Or ‘What is your most important priority in this area?’  

Time is precious and we appreciate yours in reading this blog. There is a lot more to consider in relation to building credibility, but we can help you next time you are finding it hard to reach senior decision makers.