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3 Steps to Accelerating Your B2B Sales Growth

Our agile omni-channel approach, optimises your budgets and increases ROI

Our integrated B2B, direct and outbound marketing approach has been developed and deployed for our technology clients and has led to the creation of millions of pounds of business.  

If you want to cut through the noise and attract their attention, you have to be different from the crowd. To reach decision-makers and increase sales our team will define, refine, and deliver compelling value propositions to achieve the results you need.

Our customer success team, combined with a omni-channel approach to generating sales opportunities and our ability to deliver multiple propositions at multiple levels in target organisations. Your customers are in such busy, fast-paced, and competitive spaces that it’s easy for your marketing messages to get lost in the noise.

Our 3 step approach helps you generate more sales leads by putting you in the right place at the right time with the message they want to hear.

Incognate’s 3-step approach to more sales leads

Messaging Development

We create powerful up-to-date B2B marketing propositions that will engage senior decision-makers, prod their pain points and demonstrate how your solution solves their problem.

Integrated B2B Marketing Campaign

We focus on your target accounts to drive out powerful propositions using a combination of emails, telephone contact and LinkedIn development to engage key contacts.

Compelling Campaign Content

Creating new content or curating existing collateral will help to inform and engage the target audience. This supports us in delivering quality, well qualified, B2B marketing and sales qualified leads.

"Incognate have worked for us on 3 campaigns over the last 12 months – the first was a general outreach to energy and utilities customers, and the second and third were more targeted campaigns around industry change programmes.  The team are quick to understand the messaging and draw up a contact plan, and ultimately very successful in generating qualified leads with decision makers. I have personally had several first meetings with well qualified buyers as a result of Incognate’s action-oriented approach and would not hesitate to recommend them to organisations looking to generate new, good quality leads.”

Rachel Eyres Client Director and Market Unit Leader at Expleo

Generate more business and sales with Incognate’s proven 3 step approach

Here’s a few of our latest technology clients

Incognate’s 3 step approach delivers results for SQS

1 set of messaging • 28 target accounts • 4 months  • 12 qualified leads • 6 proposals • 3 business wins totalling £240K