Does telemarketing really work?

Does telemarketing really work?

With so many ways of attracting and engaging prospects today you might not consider telemarketing. And, you may have been doing okay with SEO, inbound marketing, email marketing, networking and events. Alternatively, you might have had a bad experience in the past or tried it out, but it didn’t deliver the results. Yet, telemarketing deployed well, is still the most highly effective way of generating sales ready leads.

Two-way communication to accelerate the sales cycle

People buy from people and telemarketing introduces human interaction and two-way communication that can accelerate sales engagement to deliver more leads and more revenue. It is fast, effective and enables a conversation that could result in so many different outcomes, such as being added to an RFI list, more information requested, a referral to a better contact in the organisation or a willingness to have a further discussion. All of which move the sales cycle on. Utilizing telemarketing in your overall go to market strategy can be a real disruptor.

B2B telemarketing delivers better quality sales leads

B2B marketing magazine surveyed over 200 managers and asked them to rank marketing channels in their effectiveness in lead nurturing. Telemarketing came top. And, together with email marketing and in-person networking, telemarketing generated the best quality leads.

Human interaction key to closing larger deals

Additionally, the value of what you’re selling seems to have an impact too. In B2B markets, almost 70% of purchases have some kind of human interaction – either phone or in-person meetings. The average order value without human interaction is £1,018 and the average order value of £68,032 is typical with human interaction. With more costly, and presumably more complex solutions, human interaction within the sales process.

How quickly you’re likely to see results from your telemarketing efforts depends on a whole host of factors including the quality of your data, the strength of your competition and the attractiveness and relevance of your proposition. It doesn’t mean however that you shouldn’t do anything else. Gartner identified that “campaigns integrating four or more digital channels will outperform single or dual campaigns by 300%”

Is B2B telemarketing worth it?

Absolutely, it is an essential ‘human interaction’ in the overall sales process that drives sales engagement? According to the DMA*, in B2B markets, for every £1 spent, businesses get £11 return on investment. And when paired with other marketing efforts, such as email, telemarketing it becomes even more effective.

But, stats and theory aside, a single campaign is only as good as the results and we have generated dozens of well qualified leads for our clients and even during the pandemic we are still generating quality, qualified sales ready leads.


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