Measure Outputs Not Inputs To Get The Right Results

Sales Lead Generation

Measure Outputs Not Inputs To Get The Right Results

What makes a good indicator of performance? Is it a measure of the hours spent working on something, or is it the results that activity produces that matter? In the world of B2B sales lead generation, it seems that all too often, companies are measuring the wrong metrics – focusing on the inputs, and not the outputs to inform activity. 

Could a fresh approach to measuring B2B sales deliver better results for your business? It’s time to focus on your outputs and not your inputs to get the right results. 

Is measuring your inputs helping your business?

Measuring key inputs can serve as a measure of productivity, but are they a measure of the success of your marketing efforts. Some of the typical ways of measuring outbound B2B marketing efforts include:

  • The number of companies targeted
  • The number of contacts in a database
  • The time spent making calls in a day
  • The length of time spent on each call
  • The number of decision-makers connected with
  • The number of call backs secured.

And many others.

But are these inputs really a marker for success? What do they tell you about the results? Can these measurements give you an indication of your ROI for these activities? While measuring inputs can help you gain some insights into the effectiveness of your activity, your inputs don’t show your business what’s working and where there are areas for improvements.

Getting more meaningful insights from your outputs

Output metrics can help provide your business with clear data that helps you measure the success of your activities. Some of the key outputs to measure to get you the best insights include:

  • How many meetings have been arranged with the right contact? Are they taking place with someone with buying authority? 
  • How many of your leads come from businesses that could be interested in your product or service? What can be sold to them and are there any opportunities to either upsell or cross-sell?
  • What data has been captured from your lead forms that can be transferred to sales teams?
  • Are your communications effective? Are they hitting the right note?
  • What information has been learnt about the businesses you’ve connected with? What have you learnt about the market and the individuals interested in your products?

The data gathered from your outputs can help you get some real insights into your customers and how your efforts drive sales. By focusing more time on analysing this data and less on activity, you can learn how to maximise your efforts to help you generate the right results. 

If your business is focused on the inputs and not your outputs, it could be time for a fresh approach. At Incognate, our approach is to deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time to deliver the right B2B sales results! Find out how we can help you achieve great results for your business by getting in touch with our team today.