Nurture your sales success

Nurture your sales success

Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing are crucial components in any marketing strategy.  In fact, without a strong capability in both areas your business cannot survive in today’s fierce markets.

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The most effective implementation of these elements is to carry out a lead generation campaign followed by timely, tightly focused and ongoing lead nurturing.

This process consists of three stages:

  1. Target and Identify

A lead generation campaign allows you to target key segments of the market and focus on the maximum number of target companies to ensure that your proposition reaches the most prospects.  This also provides you with the perfect opportunity to quickly identify and establish some initial opportunities, but also qualify some accounts out. Yet, there will be a fair proportion of the accounts not quite ready to buy.

  1. Engage and retain

With a small percentage of your leads further along in the sales funnel this still leaves many potential opportunities remaining wide open for your competitors. So, by following on with a lead nurturing process you can continue to engage in a more defined and qualified target group of companies that can or will buy from you at some time. At this point the importance of an effective lead nurturing strategy becomes clear with targeted and potentially more personalised messages for a tighter group of individuals.

  1. Nurture and convert

The key now is to nurture those remaining leads with timely follow ups, and carefully targeted content.  And most importantly to build a relationship, because they are not be ready to buy from you immediately but “nurturing” the lead will ensure your brand or service remains at the forefront of their minds, increasing the potential of sales conversions.

As Client Success Director at Incognate my prime focus is on identifying and developing strong relationships for our clients with potential and current customers to ensure growth in their sales.  Both lead generation and lead nurturing play a pivotal role in achieving our clients’ goals.  At Incognate we have a proven process and approach which has achieved outstanding results for our clients.

Our intelligent, targeted integrated lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns are designed to open doors for your sales team by winning over the key people on your prospect list.

In today’s business world a competitive edge has never been more vital.  And the key to staying ahead of industry rivals is to make sure no sales opportunities are missed.  Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing combined are tools that, used in the right way, will get you the results you need.

Helen Fox

Client Success Director

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