You Film We Edit – Audio

You Film We Edit – Audio

It is important to have a location that has minimal background noise and doesn’t cause an  echo.  The best method to test how your audio will sound in a room is simply to record a 30 second audio of the noise in the room you are intending to use.

And consider what might be going on adjacent to that room when you are likely to be filming. Too much background noise can result in having to do more retakes even if you have just nailed a really good shot.

The best way to record audio is to have a camera or phone recording the video and a separate phone closer recording the audio as this will record better sound.

If you do this make sure to clap at the beginning of each recording and say take 1 or 2 etc  as this helps the editor to sync the audio more effectively to produce and excellent video.

If you are unable to do this or you want to use the same audio from the camera or phone, make sure that the mic is not covered and that you talk clearly and loudly enough for it to captured well.

In the next video we will put together what we have discussed and help to show you a good set up when filming.