You Film We Edit – Lighting

You Film We Edit – Lighting

Lighting is extremely important when filming, this is because different lighting can convey different meanings.

For most business videos you want as much light as possible. So when you record you want to ensure you are in a well-lit room, ideally with natural light. It can also help to have other artificial light sources to help with definition. We will give examples later.

When using natural light make sure you are facing towards it fully as this will be the main source of your light, otherwise your audience may not be able to see you properly.

Then if possible, you can add some artificial lights such as lamps to separate you from your background or to cast more light on you.

However, if you have to use mostly artificial lighting ensure the lights don’t cast any dark shadows on or behind you and that the lighting is spread relatively evenly over your face.

In the next video we will discuss audio and what the ideal set up is when filming.