You Film We Edit – Location

You Film We Edit – Location

Welcome to the first video in our You Film, We Edit series. Where we provide you with tips and tricks to produce your own videos using a smartphone.

When preparing to film your video the first thing you need to consider is location.

Location is important because there are lots of factors that will affect the outcome and look of your video. Finding the perfect location is all about making sure you have the ideal conditions to create your video, otherwise this can cause your audience to be distracted and possibly ruin the effectiveness of what you are trying to say.

Begin by trying to find somewhere that has minimal background noise. If you are unsure of how the room will sound in video record a 30 second audio of complete silence, which will give you a more accurate idea of what might affect the audio.

Next, you need to find somewhere with good lighting either natural or artificial. Having some natural light is ideal but the addition of other lights will help to focus on you. This will be covered in more depth in our lighting video.

Finally, the actual location is ideal to make sure there is enough space for you to distance yourself from your background as this separates you from it and makes you stand out more.

It is also important to keep in mind what is in the background, only includes what you want your audience to see, and make sure it isn’t too busy.

In the next video, we will discuss what are the best angles and positioning to use whilst filming.