Creative newsletter marketing techniques

Creative and engaging newsletters

Creative newsletter marketing techniques

Newsletters are as personal as the individual writing them, and no two should be alike. However, if your newsletter follows a simple format or guideline, the reader will always know where to find expected items in it.

Subject Line – This should be a captivating introduction to the interior of your newsletter. Topic and keyword guided, this line directs your customer to read the rest of the message.

Greeting – This can be either a general greeting or a personalised form greeting where each reader is addressed by name. I, personally, prefer the general greeting when I receive a message. I feel that a form letter addressing me by my first name is redundantly underhanded. But, each person has his own opinion of this matter.

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What’s in the message? – This is a bulleted list of what’s inside the newsletter. It should have a lead-in title for each topic in the contents, including a reference to links outside the newsletter if they are part of your content.

Content – The most important part of your newsletter is ‘The News’. Without news in your newsletter, what purpose does it serve? A newsletter is about informing our customers of information that will benefit them, offering them a proposal, giving them choices to revisit your website or purchase your products and services. Be sure to give more than you expect to get from your customers. Free information leads to a need to know, and you can satisfy their need.

Call to Action – Every cewsletter should have a Call to Action. Your newsletter’s purpose is to market your website, business, products or service. Be honest. Tell your reader what you want them to do.

Opt-out policy – Due to obnoxious spam that floods our email accounts daily, we occasionally need a rest from the domination of news overload. Out of kindness, leave a means of opting out of your ezine, for those who need a respite. If they find value in your ezine, they won’t opt out, if they don’t find value – honestly, you don’t want them there anyway.

Building a credible ezine requires trust between you and your customer. Establish this trust early by giving them valuable information in EVERY message.

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