Is Telephone Call Reluctance Losing you Sales?

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Is Telephone Call Reluctance Losing you Sales?

Figures vary throughout different sectors, but a B2B marketing strategy often used is cold calling where it is generally accepted that 25 calls to potential clients, will lead to 12 favourable responses, with a further 5 developing in meetings to discuss your product or solution. Depending on your close rate you could end up with between 2 – 3 closed deals.

However, if cold calling is so predictable surely all sales professionals should be picking up the phone?

How do you know if you are suffering from ‘sales call reluctance’?

Some people simply find it difficult to pick up the phone and talk to new people. Over the years, a number of reasons have been put forward for why this is:

  • Personality – a lack of boldness or timidity
  • Fear – of rejection or failure
  • Lack of drive, determination or motivation
  • Undefined goals

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But is there something else?

Psychologists, George W. Dudley and Shannon L. Goodson (Dudley and Goodson) have spent 20 years conducting scientific researching into why people are reluctant to make phone calls. Below is a brief outline of the 12 different types of Telephone Call Reluctance they have identified, so far.

  1. Doomsayer: worrier – will not take social risk (loses 3 accounts per month).
  2. Over-Preparer: over-analyses and under-acts (sells 43% of quota)
  3. Hyper-Pro: obsessed with the image and looking good. Confuses packaging with prospecting.
  4. Stage Fright: fear of group presentation (loses $10,800 in annual gross sales).
  5. Role Rejection: secretly ashamed of sales career; deflects identity (loses 4 accounts per month).
  6. Yielder: fear of intruding on others. Habitually waits for just the right time.
  7. Socially Self-conscious: intimidated by up-market clients (33% under quota).
  8. Separationists: won’t mix business and friends. Fears loss of friends (loses 3 accounts per month).
  9. Emotionally Unemancipated: fears loss of Family approval (sells 15% under quota).
  10. Referral Aversion: fears distributing existing business or clients relationships (sells 19% under quota).
  11. Telephobia: fears using the telephone for prospecting (loses $10,000 in commission annually).
  12. Oppositional Reflex: argues, blames, rebuffs attempts at coaching (loses 9 new accounts per year).


How many of these do you recognise?

Even a senior sales professional with a strong track record can suddenly find their client list has dried up. The telephone is undeniably the quickest and easiest way of engaging with potential customers, and we can help you to conquer your fear or make the calls for you.

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