Event Optimization

Event Optimization

Holding in-person B2B events or, more recently, virtual ones can feel a little like a lottery. How many of your invitees will attend, or will there be a flurry of last-minute apologies?


If you’ve suffered from low turnouts or experienced the stressful uncertainty that plagues every event organiser, we can help.


Our event optimisation service includes pre-event calls and promotional emails to ensure senior people on your target list attend your event.


Following your successful product launch, breakfast meeting or exhibition, we’ll carry out post-event calls to those attendees who couldn’t make the event and organise a video call, meeting or put them into your nurturing programme.


Additionally, we’ll follow up with all of your attendees to ensure you generate sales results from the event.

Event follow up is critically important

If you’re having trouble closing event attendees for follow up meetings, we’ll carry out pre and post-event calls to improve engagement and generate sales leads.


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Attention-grabbing messages for SQS

“To target senior decision makers across multiple markets we recognised the need to create new, more compelling and focused messaging. Incognate’s Messaging Framework and the workshops they ran enabled us to draw out the right messages from key people in our business.”

Jo Bance, Global Marketing Director, SQS Group Ltd