2020 The Best Year Ever…

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2020 The Best Year Ever…

Looking back over the past year, and like many others I have spoken to since, I had a slow welling up of optimism as 2019 came to an end and we launched in to 2020.

We had a solid business strategy and plans for exceptional growth! With the order book filling and more promise of work it was great to see ‘all the stars aligned’ for a fantastic 2020. We all know now what actually happened!

When Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill in March of this year it left countless businesses reeling from its impact. For many, I know it has been a very difficult year, while for others, particularly in the technology field quite a few have accelerated growth. Yet, I think for those in marketing it has given something that we don’t often have and that is time.

I was told recently that it’s easier for people to remember things in three and so the following are three things that I believe we have learnt in B2B marketing over the last year.

A chance to reflect

I have never heard of a marketer who isn’t run off their feet! We get caught up spinning plates. Keeping a multitude of marketing activities going, but we don’t always have time to reflect on how things are going. This year we did. Time stood still for a few weeks.

For many in marketing it was chance to consider what is working? What can we do better? What else should we try? What isn’t working for us? We all recognise the quote, often misattributed to Einstein that says, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” And I believe that this has led to and will continue a drive to reflect, change and innovation in marketing.

Time to refocus

In much the same way we can be blinkered in our market focus. Stop looking at other opportunities, considering the wider potential in what, how and where we can deliver our product, service or solution. The virus has forced us to change and has accelerated the digital age.

I keep hearing of businesses that have pivoted online. Great for technology companies. Yet in this new world, as marketers we need to have a tighter focus on where to find the best opportunities. Understand how our target markets have changed. Consider targeting perhaps different segments or having a much tighter segment focus. Do less but do it better!

Opportunity to relaunch

Finally, having reflected and refocused, 2021 is an opportunity to relaunch. This year – could be – the best year ever! Moving forward with a clearer picture of what marketing channels are working and those to avoid. Using new technology to streamline operations, get a bigger bang for the buck. Adopting new ways of engaging with prospects and clients such as video and video animation.

Yet not forgetting the tried and tested, personal, one to one approach that can be achieved through a call, email, or LinkedIn message. But focusing on the right message, in the right context, at the right time, to get the right results.

Here is to 2021, maybe the best year ever, where your marketing is refreshed, refocused, revitalised and really engages to get the results you need.