Differentiate to accelerate your sales

Effective client communication

Differentiate to accelerate your sales

In a hyper competitive world, businesses need to reconsider how they are perceived in their markets. It has never been more important to stand out from the crowd. The landscape is everchanging and it is vital to keep up. What was effective event 12-24 months ago just won’t have the same impact today.

What differentiates your brand from your competitors?

Differentiation is critical, and the key to differentiation is your message, a vital part of a strategic brand campaign. The right content, in the right context achieves the right results. So, what differentiates your brand from your competitors? Standing out from the crowd with a story unique to your business makes it easier to trigger conversations with your prospects that will pique their interest.

Integrated and consistent messaging is key

We believe that your offline communication is as important as your online presence and the two should be integrated seamlessly. And although we live in a digital world it is a fact that companies who employ a fully integrated approach will inevitably cast their net wider than those solely focused on one or the other.

Driving successful outcomes

As Business Development Manager at Incognate, I have driven a number of successful integrated campaigns for customers. One recent campaign was for a leading software provider. They engaged Incognate to take an industry specific service to market, and within 2 months of launching the campaign they had landed 5 new clients through several leads we provided.

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However, when it comes to taking a story to the market place, Incognate’s integrated approach delivers fresh, innovative ideas to guide your sales and marketing team through campaigns that not only gets your brand noticed but continues to inspire their hunger for success.

By Helen Fox, Business Development Manager, Incognate Limited

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