Sepura is a global leader in the design, development and supply of digital radio solutions, complementary accessories, support tools and devices.

Based in the UK’s Cambridge technology hub, Sepura is a trusted partner for Professional Mobile Radio public safety and commercial users around the world. The company has brought together radio infrastructure, terminals and data applications to create solutions that enable its customers in over 100 countries to address the demanding operational challenges that they face every day.


Engaging animations to draw a crowd

Incognate was engaged to produce a set of video animations that would be played at an exhibition. The videos were rapidly put together and were geared to draw people to the Sepura Exhibition stand. They had a great impact and Sepura’s event manager said that they really did attract people’s attention and encourage conversations.

The videos were 2D animations of different Sepura solutions with no voice over or sound as this wouldn’t be required in the setting.


Incognate worked with Sepura to develop a series of short animations designed to highlight some powerful new product functionality. Working with us, they helped define the projects, develop the brand for animation and advise on the final product. The result was a highly engaging and distinctive series of videos which we have shared with partners and led directly to some excellent sales interactions. Ben Yelton, Communications Manager, Sepura.


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