You Film We Edit – Angles and Positioning

You Film We Edit – Angles and Positioning

After finding your ideal location it is important to understand the best angles and positioning of how you stand and look in front of the camera.

Let’s begin by working out effective angles. You want to begin by positioning your camera or phone slightly above your head tilting down this can be achieved by using a tripod, selfie stick or simply holding your phone at arm’s length.

Next make sure you are in the centre of the frame unless you require text beside you then you will need to choose a side to stand. It is also important to remember to tilt your head up slightly as this will bring your face out and define your neck more.

As discussed in our location video, it is ideal to position yourself away from your background, be it a plain wall or a computer, as you don’t want to distract from what you are saying, but you do want to stand out.

It is also best to film standing up as it makes you stand up straighter, your clothes hang better and your diaphragm isn’t restricted, which helps you to speak more clearly. However, if you would prefer to film sitting down make sure you are sitting up straight and still tilt your head upwards and forwards slightly.

In the next video we will discuss how to set up your lighting and using what you have to your advantage whilst filming.