10 tips on calling to close the loop on your content marketing

How to reach company decision makers

10 tips on calling to close the loop on your content marketing

Content marketing is an effective approach for drawing people to your website, but you then need to convert them to leads and close the loop. At some stage, you’ll need to pick up the telephone to reach a decision maker, but this is getting increasingly difficult. Today there are many barriers to overcome to reach people, but we trust that the following tips will help you.

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1. It’s important to know the position of the person you are calling
2.You can find backgrounders of key people or take a look at their LinkedIn profile
3. What can you draw from their profiles that will help you to sharpen your message ?
4. Decision-makers and their priorities can be mentioned in the company’s annual report
5. Before speaking to key decision maker call others first to get a more rounded picture
6. Always speak clearly and with authority (but don’t be rude) you are more likely to get through
7. Ask for the DMs direct dial number and/or mobile telephone number – you may be surprised how often this works
8. Call early in the morning, as this is a good time to catch key people before the reception is open
9. When selling at board level, always pitch to the PAs as they are often aware of urgent business needs
10. Alternatively, call later in the day after 5 – 5.30 pm, as key people will often still be in the office at this time.

I hope these tips help you in your quest to access key decision makers in target accounts. As it is more difficult reaching people today by telephone you may also consider, based on your research, a well constructed email focused on the challenges and this could just as easily open the door.

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