Content needs to be regular, relevant, and engaging

Regualr content creation for marketing services

Content needs to be regular, relevant, and engaging

Engagement with salespeople has steadily dropped with most sales connections being made now far later in the buying process. So, getting yourself noticed through content marketing has never been more critical. A recent article from Forbes revealed that buyers researching a new solution will do at least 12 searches online before engaging with a website or company.

Okay, that’s great you may think, we do content marketing and that may be the case, but is it regular, relevant and engaging content?

Regular content might seem obvious. It is, but I also know this is something that many organisations struggle to create. Regular content helps to attract traffic and keeps your website ranking high with Google. One of the first things to do is set up a content calendar, ideally for the year. This can seem daunting but can be filled up relatively quickly once you get going and have clear business goals, and focused sales and marketing targets.

At Incognate we offer content creation services from writing blogs to creating animated videos, but the key to the regular creation of content is creative brainstorming sessions with different people in your business. You can also download our ‘Blog-Infographic‘ to help stimulate ideas.

Ways of stimulating ideas could be looking at forward features in target media as these could help not only with blog content, but also extending a blog into an article with a greater reach or different audience. You should check out your target audience annual calendar to log key events, awards and the focus from industry associations or regulators. To get a feel for things impacting your business more sit in on management meetings, sales meetings, even operations and delivery meetings and you will be able to stimulate lots of ideas for content.

The approach above also helps to play in to creating content that is relevant. If you know your target audience, understand their drivers that in turn reveal explicit needs then you should steer your content in that direction. Having a certain amount of generic evergreen content up your sleeve is not a bad idea, but focused and targeted content will do far better in attracting traffic. It is naturally SEO’d as it should contain trigger words and phrases to grab the attention of the reader.

Finally, let’s turn to engaging. Blogs are great and they can drive traffic to your website. As mentioned earlier regular content attracts the attention of Google, which in turn draws traffic to your site. It takes 12 searches for people to engage and so it is important to have a purpose or the blog and a call to action. This might be to read another blog or tune in for a series or it could be to check out some other content like a solution overview or white paper.

More and more today though we are finding much higher engagement with video content and 80% of visitors are more likely to watch a video. And again, video content plays into Google which ranks this type of content much higher in searches.

Incognate provides sensibly priced video animation, motion graphics and video services. Contact us now to discover how we can help you to create more content, stimulate more traffic and increase engagement.