Creating a strategy for increasing sales

Creating a strategy for increased sales

Creating a strategy for increasing sales

“You are only as good as your last month, quarter or year in sales”. A message I have heard frequently and lived through in different new business sales roles. You have a great month. You smash your target, only to have to start all over again the next month!

Where to focus your sales and marketing effort

So, what is you strategy for increasing sales? How do you decide where to put your time, money and resources? This can present you with lots of dilemmas. Particularly, if you have to decide between different propositions that at first glance all seem perfectly viable. You may have the resources to follow all of these paths regardless, but is this delivering you the best return on sales investment?

Creating a strategy takes practice, according to Roger Martin in a recent Harvard Business Review Blog, but there is another way of checking you are heading in the right direction: proposition testing.

Proposition testing

How can proposition testing make a difference to your strategy and results? Maintaining a regular and consistent flow of qualified leads is critical, but so, too, is your overall strategy: get it wrong and you may not get another shot.

Content marketing support to deliver a continuous stream of quality content

Take your sales propositions for a test drive

By taking your proposition for a test drive you’ll soon find out if your assumptions are correct. There may be a gap in the market, but is there a market in the gap?

You can road-test propositions quickly, efficiently and at low cost. Simply take a section of the market you want to focus on and, using a combination of email marketing integrated with telemarketing, you can start to find out if there is an interest. This can be supported by a small amount of marketing campaign collateral such as a landing page and downloadable content such as a case study or white paper.

It is often only when the ‘rubber hits the road’ that we find out the impact of our strategic thinking. And if a major sales and marketing campaign, planned over several weeks and months, is set in motion, you may have burnt lots of marketing budget before you realise your mistake.

Benefits are many

Running marketing campaigns to test propositions isn’t complex or costly, and it will help you to focus on a winning strategy. You will get direct feedback from your target audience that will help you to shape and refine your proposition further. You may also identify previously unseen competition and discover other key motivators for decision makers to buy your solution. Ultimately, you can feel confident in the chosen propositions and in the knowledge that you will get the traction and the results you need.

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