Making the most of LinkedIn to boost reach and growth  

Making the most of LinkedIn to boost reach and growth  

LinkedIn: A B2B powerhouse

With over 850 million users across 200 countries, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn is one of the largest social media platforms in the world, and the only one dedicated exclusively to professional networking.  

Increasingly, B2B businesses are seeing the opportunity for growth that LinkedIn provides, with the platform recently posting record growth and engagement. The platform is expected to account for an impressive 25% of all B2B advertising in two years.  

LinkedIn has recently debuted a host of new tools for 2023 to incentivise ad spend in the face of economic uncertainty, including new measurement capabilities and fresh ad formats, to support businesses to reach the right audience and accelerate growth. 

Exploring LinkedIn’s new features

Revenue attribution report  

This feature seeks to help marketers understand the business impacts of their campaigns in plain language, providing a more granular look into how campaigns impact revenue. For B2B marketers, this means the ability to communicate returns on investment to the various stakeholders in a language they understand. 

Brand safety hub  

This platform, created in collaboration with media measurement and verification firm DoubleVerify, helps marketers monitor brand suitability and safety. The hub aims to provide marketers with valuable insights into where they can and are serving ads, and users can prioritise specific types of content that align with their brand. Businesses can also employ a range of custom controls to find out where their impressions are being delivered across the audience network. 

New ad formats  

  • Click-to-message ads: this format allows a prospect to simply click on the advert to begin a conversation with your brand and enables marketers to personalise their engagement strategies.  
  • Conversation starter ads: this sponsored messaging allows you to reach your audience in a more personal way through LinkedIn messaging, making it easy for prospects to get the content and offers they want. The option to add interactive elements such as event registration and links helps to accelerate your lead pipeline.  
  • Promoted employee posts: this function allows marketers greater permissions to promote individual employee posts from their company page. With increasingly high expectations of customer experience within B2B, this function will help to further humanise brands and drive more engagement.  


Improved search functionality  

LinkedIn articles and newsletters will become more searchable across the web thanks to the ability to add SEO titles, descriptions, and tags to these types of content. LinkedIn is also working to improve the platform’s product search functionality which will help B2B brands connect with potential buyers and provide more discovery potential for its B2B product pages.  

A helping hand for marketers

The current economic uncertainty brings a challenge for B2B marketers who need to continue to engage with buyers who may be reluctant to commit to purchasing decisions, while also demonstrating the revenue impact of their marketing campaigns to their C-suite. 

A recent LinkedIn survey of nearly 2000 marketing executives revealed that 78% of B2B marketing leaders believe companies that maintain or increase their marketing spend during periods of uncertainty, despite instincts to do the opposite, recover more quickly. 

Interestingly, the survey also found that 67% of B2B marketers plan to maintain or increase spend on brand-building efforts over the first half of 2023, in the face of growing economic uncertainty.  

Whatever your strategy, reaching the right audience and having access to measurement data is key to the growth and productivity of your business; these new LinkedIn features help you to get there.  

Incognate’s new REACH approach is an integrated B2B demand generation methodology that combines the use of social channels such as LinkedIn, AI technology, automation, and best practice methodologies to deliver more new business.  

Our model enables target audiences to be set and artificial intelligence is applied to augment and enrich data while an automated LinkedIn connector grows your network.  

Our client success team use conversational LinkedIn messaging, and automated email sequences to further accelerate engagement and close down those with high lead scores for a call or meeting. 

The use of LinkedIn advertising, blogs and posts can amplify your message and further extend your reach as well as raise your profile. 

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