Actemium UK is a network of business units with multi-disciplined expertise dedicated to industrial process across a variety of sectors, centred around mechanical and electrical, automation, design and renewables.  


Incognate services provided: 


  • Refinement of brand messaging to promote consistency 
  • Creation of sales and marketing collateral 
  • Creation of a visual graphic to demonstrate capabilities across the network 


After a period of sustained growth, including adding new business units, Actemium were keen to produce new content that communicated the different offerings across the networks many units, while achieving a clear and consistent brand identity.  

“We’ve had a massive uplift in quality of materials produced because we’re not doing it ourselves. We are coming to the experts to give us the quality of output that we want.”


Incognate has worked with Actemium to understand their business in depth to then refine their messaging for both internal and external use. This involved delivering a library of content, including producing brochures for each business unit and each solution offered within those.  

We also created the Actemium ‘wheel’, a graphic that visually represents the entire Actemium networks capabilities and how each unit works together. This wheel was not part of the original brief but instead evolved out of our work to understand their business during the content creation stage. This graphic has gone on to be, in their words, ‘central to how we talk about ourselves’, and is a perfect example of the added value we bring. 

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