Lightcast is a global leader in labour market analytics, providing critical insights into jobs and skills to help their clients conduct smart and strategic workforce planning. 


Incognate services provided: 


  • Messaging and proposition development 
  • Sales lead generation 


Established in many markets globally, Lightcast were keen to understand and open up new markets in the UK and Europe, specifically in HR and Enterprise. For this, they turned to Incognate to provide them with realistic opportunities to sell.

“We brought in Incognate because we knew they’d bring in realistic opportunities to sell. They just instantly and seamlessly integrated into our sales function”


Through careful planning of target personas and refined messaging, we conducted cold outreach for Lightcast through LinkedIn and email, achieving results consistently above the national average. With a focus on reaching the right people at the right time, this first highly successful outreach resulted in Lightcast securing six meetings, all within weeks of them first approaching Incognate.  

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