Axians UK

Axians provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions: software solutions, cloud-based and managed IT services, data systems and data centres, enterprise networks and digital workspace as well as telecommunications infrastructures.  


Incognate services provided: 


  • Messaging and proposition development 
  • Sales lead generation on several projects 
  • Bid and proposal writing 
  • Creation of sales and marketing collateral and website copy 
  • Event promotion

Hear how we helped Axians

'As most marketing people who work with me know, and I’m sure it’s the same for many MDs, if there’s one thing we care about, it’s leads. The proof in the pudding for me is: here is a conversation, with the right person, set up by Incognate.'


Axians delivers transformative solutions to accelerate their clients’ ambitions in today’s ever-changing world through both tried-and-tested platforms or cutting-edge innovation, Axians is committed to customer excellence and invest in long-term thinking. 


The company was experiencing growth through acquisition, but also expanding into new sectors. The company has several business units and wanted to ensure a consistent messaging to position Axians UK in the market. There were also a number of other marketing initiatives, but with a finite amount of internal resource the company turned to Incognate to augment their internal marketing team.   



Incognate has delivered both internal and external messaging services and workshops to support the creation of both internal and external marketing elements to support a range of initiatives.  


We have also helped to create a proposition, sales and marketing collateral and drive a sales lead generation campaign to promote a new 5G solution. This led to a number of leads being generated with senior decision makers in manufacturing, engineering and in travel companies.  


Incognate’s has been involved in numerous projects augmenting existing skills and working across business units to help with collateral creation, articles, proposal and bid writing, bid boilerplate content, presentations and much more. 


Hear how we helped Axians