Will indecision lose you sales in 2021?

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Will indecision lose you sales in 2021?

Over the years I have spent hours in the latter weeks of the year carrying out sales and marketing planning. My head literally spinning with what ifs, numerous assumptions, and scientific-type equations based on the current year’s performance. All with the aim of working out budgets, resources, and setting targets for the coming year.

Today, I believe this is even more of a challenge. And not just because of our current situation, but the last decade has seen a surge of ways that we can take our products, services and solutions to market. And as we consider how best to sell and market in this ‘new norm’, which in itself is constantly changing, my best advice is to just decide. As the saying goes ‘indecision is the thief of opportunity’!

Yet, as we finalise plans, we do need to consider what has or has not worked this year. And what, if anything, should we or could do we need to do differently? Is there some new strategy or approach that we are missing? What will deliver the best sales and marketing ROI?

However, I also believe that we need to be more agile; exploring and exploiting different approaches new and old to generate the results we need. Parameters can and should be set for the duration of campaigns and success more carefully measured along the way to gauge to understand the level of traction, but also likely ROI.

A slight aside, but apparently the inability to plan ahead affects our brain function and perception of time, with time appearing to move faster, and there is an interesting article here by Durham University on this topic. It’s understood that making plans helps to counter this and gives a boost and the ability to look forward to the future. Ultimately, and depending on the length of your typical sales cycle, which may change in the current climate, it is important to have plans in place now in order to have a positive and early impact in 2021.

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