Five steps to effective email marketing

Five steps to effective email marketing

In the age of social media, it’s important not to overlook the reach and power of email marketing. As a means to engage your audience and achieve a range of outcomes, an email marketing campaign is relatively easy, and its effectiveness is proven.

Here are 5 tips to make sure your email marketing is optimised.

Outline clear goals

Be clear what you want to achieve from your email marketing campaign right from the start. Whether your goal is to encourage take-up of a free trial, gain more subscribers, increase sales, or boost website traffic, being crystal clear on your aim from the outset increases the effectiveness of your campaign. As a result of this clarity, you can create laser-focused content with greater impact on your audience, meaning you avoid overly lengthy or unfocused emails that can get overlooked in a busy inbox.

Reach the right people

Effective audience segmentation will bring better results for your business.

When planning your campaign, spend time thinking carefully about the different groups that make up your audience and plan tailored content for each segment, according to their roles and responsibilities. Consider the specific priorities and challenges for each audience segment, to show how you can help them. This more tailored, personalised content will prompt a greater response.

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Firstly, ensure your subject line is short and catchy to engage your audience at the outset. To prompt them to open the email in the first place, your subject line should indicate how you can help them.

Your email body copy needs to be clear, simple and engaging. An overly long email won’t get read, and neither will an unfocused one. Your audience are busy people, so creating succinct and focused email content tailored to their specific role will get results. By communicating clearly that you understand the audience’s struggle and can offer a solution, you ensure you have their attention and increase your chances of achieving your desired response.

Remember also that your emails help to build brand awareness – by being consistent with design and tone, you will communicate your brand identity to your audience and build familiarity and trust over the long term.

Engage your audience

Include a call-to-action (CTA) in your email that is clear and concise, with a sense of urgency implied. For example, phrases like ‘call now/today’ or ‘don’t miss out’ suggest a sense of time limitation and exclusivity which makes people more likely to act.

Most importantly, you need to make it simple and easy for them to take the next steps. Whatever your campaign goal, be it subscribing to a newsletter or visiting your website, your CTA should make it as straightforward as possible for your audience to initiate the action.

Call to action

Data is key to planning email marketing campaigns by helping you understand how your audience has interacted with your previous emails.

Make sure you track email analytics to keep your campaigns effective, looking at statistics on open rates, click-through rates and unsubscribe rates. Use this crucial data to analyse what works and what doesn’t and make changes accordingly for future campaigns.

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