Kipling’s Man ‘How’ – How can you get their attention?.

Kiplings - How

Kipling’s Man ‘How’ – How can you get their attention?.

This next blog in our Kipling’s men series looks at the question ‘How’ do you get the attention of your audience. One of the questions we get asked quite frequently is ‘how can we increase prospect and sales engagement?’

We know that many are struggling, particularly at the moment, to get airtime with key decision makers. This is impacting the ability to grow your pipelines and achieve sales success, which in turn impacts business growth leaving opportunities for your competition.

All too often I hear from enthusiastic business owners and salespeople that, ‘When we get in front of qualified prospects we always do well’. Yet, their difficulty is always how to get that meeting, time on a call, or even acknowledgement of an email.

A spray and pray approach is almost always not the right answer. A project we ran for SQS focused on just over two-dozen accounts with tightly focused messaging to companies in a sub sector of the market, it lasted for just 12 weeks, generated over a dozen leads and over £240,000 of new business.

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Issue-driven messaging

Driving sales engagement in the current climate is hard, but not impossible, if you hook your audience and ensure that your content, however delivered, has clear value propositions and easily identifiable benefits then you should gain traction.

Video and animated content is also an increasingly effective way in gaining traction with 80% of visitors engaging with a website containing video. Today over 70% of B2B influencers and decision makers are millennials who naturally engage with video over other forms of information.

Taking them on a journey

Ultimately once you have them hooked you need to take them on a journey to establish credibility, capability and the first step towards a new business sale. Issue driven or needs based content will grab attention quickly, but this needs to be followed by benefits, advantages, and proof points of your solution.

We always find this type of messaging much stronger as its more specifically focused on the needs of your target audience. Getting this right will help you to increase sales engagement and ultimately grow your business.

At Incognate we specialise in creating powerful fixed price content, eye-catching videos, motion graphics, and issue-driven sales collateral that contains solid benefits and strong call to actions.

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