Charles Taylor InsureTech

Charles Taylor InsureTech is a leading partner for global insurance businesses that want to evolve with the help of a provider that gets it just right. The company helps to address specific challenges, paving the way to a more efficient, customer-focused future.



Incognate services provided:


  • Content strategy
  • Interviews
  • Content creation

Exceeding Creative Expectations

"Incognate came highly recommended and met all of our expectations in creativity and drawing out key messages to set us apart from our competition. They managed to capture the essence of the messages that we needed to seed out into the community."

Accelerate your sales with integrated marketing approach


Charles Taylor needed to raise their profile in the market through the creation of thought leadership content. They had access to great thought leaders, but didn’t have the skills, time or resource internally to create the content.

Powerful Insights to drive thought leadership

Incognate worked with Charles Taylor InsureTech to create content for various channels that share the company’s insights with leading figures in insurance. The Incognate team worked with senior spokespeople and SMEs in the company interviewing them to draw out insights, ideas and stories to share that help to position CTI as a leading company in its field.

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