Expleo is a global provider of end-to-end, integrated engineering, quality services and management consulting for digital transformation. They work with businesses to harness relentless technological change and successfully driving new innovations that deliver a competitive advantage and improve the everyday lives of people around the globe.


Incognate services provided:


  • Messaging workshops and frameworks
  • B2B lead generation services
  • B2B lead nurturing 
  • Account based marketing
  • Event optimisation
  • Content creation & design
  • Design and branding consultancy
  • Website design and content creation
  • Bid writing

'Incognate have worked for us on numerous campaigns... The team are quick to understand the messaging and draw up a contact plan, and ultimately very successful in generating qualified leads with decision makers. I have personally had several first meetings with well qualified buyers as a result of Incognate’s action-oriented approach and would not hesitate to recommend them to organisations looking to generate new, good quality leads.'

B2B marketing to generate Sales qualified leads and demand generation


Expleo needed to create a consistent flow of sales quality leads across multiple sectors, but didn’t have an inside sales team. They also recognised the opportunities of exploring and expanding existing major accounts. They were developing a strong brand profile, increasing their media presence, carrying out inbound and content marketing campaigns, but needed support in closing the loop on marketing activity.


Incognate supported all business units to generate a steady flow of sales ready leads. We also worked on existing client accounts to accelerate growth by reaching out to other business units and creating opportunities with new senior contacts. In one account we managed to connect and engage with senior executives and identifying opportunities in several other business entities.

Ultimately, new business sales leads are the life blood of any company. Initially working with SQS Incognate provided ongoing integrated marketing services to Expleo. We regularly ran both new business development campaigns into different sectors of the market as well as target key accounts that helps to generate a consistent flow of leads.

Rapidly expanding existing accounts

“Incognate supported us in expanding our network in an existing client account with a large UK retail bank. We have a strong relationship with our stakeholders at the bank but due to its size and complexity, we looked to Incognate to work with us to get further engagement in other parts of the business utilising their b2b marketing services.

As a result of a focussed integrated marketing campaign, supported by Incognate through proactive outbound activity, we met a number of new contacts including senior decision makers. We are now better known through the bank, have developed new relationships and have built our opportunity pipeline as a result.”

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