Croner has a long history operating in the compliance market. The company was founded in 1941 with the name Croner Publications Limited and many will be familiar with the HR bible ‘The Reference Book for Employers’. The company has since introduced consultancy services, software solutions, pay and benefits services.


Incognate services provided


  • Copywriting 
  • Content creation
  • Creative design

“I have worked with the team at Incognate for years and they have never failed to deliver extremely strong and exciting content for all our marketing projects. They deliver on time and never fail to correctly interpret our sometimes complicated briefs. I highly recommend them!” 

Accelerate your sales with integrated marketing approach


Croner wanted to create thought leadership content. They had HR and Health & Safety experts in their operation, but needed help in drawing out the right sort of content. Croner didn’t have the internal skills or experience in order to do this or the time and so looked outside the business. 


Incognate has created a wide variety of online and more traditional sales and marketing content for the company and also created a unique thought leadership annual report. 


Croner Pulse was created as an annual thought leadership report that reflected on some of the challenges of the past year, but focused on advising customers on what to expect in the coming year. It was regularly sought after by Croner’s larger corporate customers. Incognate interviewed Croner consultants to get the latest on employment law, HR and Health & Safety matters that business would need to consider and advice on how to approach situations. 


Much of our work for Croner was involved in creating eye-catching, attention-grabbing thought leadership reports and white papers. We produced numerous white papers, direct emails, landing pages, advertisements and many other marketing materials to support many campaigns.

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