Checkit is a growing business operating within Elektron Technology Group PLC. Their EHO approved work management memo and automated monitoring solution gives organisations the ability to see whether checks have been completed over multi-sites and locations. The benefit, complete peace of mind and hassle free quality management.


Incognate services provided:


  • Content creation
  • Creative design

'Incognate are easy to work with and our out and out professionals who understanding B2B marketing and offer valuable input to any creative process. They have never missed a deadline and have always produced the best results, often to very tight deadlines. I would highly recommend them for any creative projects.'

Animated video production


Checkit carried out a sales and marketing collateral refresh to ensure they had a consistent profile in the market. They didn’t have the design skills inhouse and so needed to bring in expertise. 


Incognate provided strong design capabilities to help the company to refresh its brand and build out a suite of sales and marketing collateral that helped them to stand out in a competitive market. We designed case studies, white papers, industry reports, created infographics, Ads online and for media.

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