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FlavorActiV is the world’s largest provider of beer flavour training services and products. They have customers in more than 170 countries and are dedicated to helping breweries to continuously improve their products and processes through leading-edge flavour quality management systems.

Email marketing strikes a chord with prospects with 70% open rate

Although dominating their market the company recognised the importance of maintaining regular contact with their customers and prospects around the world. FlavorActiV had tried to implement email marketing previously but it hadn’t gained traction.

“Having outsourced our email marketing campaigns to Incognate, I am impressed with their commitment to quality, attention to detail, professionalism, customer service, enthusiasm and extra effort they put into our campaigns to make them successful. We would not hesitate to recommend Incognate to others looking for business to business marketing campaigns.” Dale Smith, Marketing & Communications Manager, FlavorActiV

Incognate had been engaged to deliver its email marketing services and regularly sent email communications in 8 different languages. All of the emails were personalised for each Taster Management Adviser and sent out to the contacts in their local language.

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