Project details

Evalueserve is a global specialist in knowledge processes. They provide business and technology research, data analytics and investment research services to companies worldwide. Evalueserve uses its proven methodologies and technologies to analyse, improve, and execute information-laden work streams.

Evalueserve approached Incognate to get help in the creation of some innovative sales fact sheets, which were in the format of an A4 double-sided place mat.  In order to identify exactly what was required, a messaging workshop was carried out to define the propositions and targets for a series of sales place mats/fact sheets.

Once this was agreed, Incognate provided creative services to deliver 6 of the place mats including copy, design and infographics focused on specific messaging for Procurement, CXO Linx, Design Services, Key Account Planning, Sales Enablement and MI and Strategic solutions.

We also created a Fact Sheet Style Guide that informed the copy and design to get the right balance and also with strong call to actions. Further output included key messaging provided in PowerPoint and adapted for use in email communications that was geared to grab the attention of key decision makers.

These innovative pieces of collateral were used by Evalueserve to enable sales teams to quickly get to the heart of a prospects challenge. They were tailored to be infographically driven and:

  • Quick and easy to work through to get a key message across
  • Identify with key stakeholder’s highlighting business objectives, barriers, conflicts (what was at stake), the resolution, and the business impact
  • Carry a compelling value proposition that gets to the heart of a prospects issues fast
  • Contain industry or market or business trends and observations that support the proposition
  • Contain short case studies, testimonials and references
  • Ultimately, tell a story around a key proposition, questions to ask of top operations personnel, key trends to inquire about and discuss

Finally they will keep on selling long after you have left the building.

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