Halian is a specialist information technology services company providing technology skills in banking, media and telecoms with extensive knowledge and experience of Oracle, Sun and Microsoft technology.


Incognate services provided: 

  • Content creation

'Incognate has done an excellent job for Halian in producing content for the website and working with us and our customers to deliver case studies. They create copy on time every time and add value to the overall process and getting the best story out.'


Halian wanted to grow the business and its international presence, but needed to capture more of the case studies from satisfied customers. They also need to improve their online presence as they hadn’t updated their website for a number of years, which meant their propositions were out of date. 


Incognate initially provided content writing services to relaunch the company’s new website. Over the years we helped them in a number of different ways and produced a range of sales and marketing collateral including case studies, brochures, exhibition flyers and news stories.



We also helped the company with our email marketing services to communicate on a regular basis to both their associates and staff through a regular internal newsletter.

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