Keylane|Quinity is a Dutch Market leader in policy and claims management software providing solutions to a large number of non-life insurance companies in Europe.  Their integrated solutions provide an optimum, forward-looking solution for the industry.


Incognate services provided:


  • Lead generation services
  • Content creation 
  • Media support

Helping Keylane to stand out in a busy market

“I knew we had made the right choice in using Incognate during our first feedback meeting. The drive and focus from the group was tangible, and the specific quantifiable metrics were proof that this was a results-driven team. Their telemarketing campaign resulted in meetings and calls with companies who had never heard of us before. Quite frankly, Incognate got results.”

Integrate marketing services tailored to deliver results


Keylane|Quinity engaged Incognate to investigate opportunities in the UK non-life insurance market and to launch them into the UK market. We were able to create a new business development programme to raise the company profile and identify potential new clients.



Incognate delivered a range of integrated marketing and communication elements, including the creation of UK focused collateral and media releases, as well as lead generation and email campaigns, Incognate helped Keylane|Quinity to raise their UK profile and identify numerous sales leads.


The initial lead generation and nurturing programme were followed by a more extended marketing programme to include creation of white papers, brochures and an RFI template.

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