Zebra technologies

Zebra Technologies is a global leader of printing and labelling solutions. They have an extensive portfolio of bar code, receipt, kiosk and RFID printers and supplies, as well as real-time location solutions that give a digital voice to assets, people and transactions and provide greater visibility into mission-critical information.


Incognate services provided: 


  • Press release copywriting
  • Content creation
  • Media relations

Incognate quickly picked up the technical understanding of the card printer solutions and has created a number of excellent case studies and press releases for us. With his help, we have significantly increased the positive visibility of Zebra’s products in the EMEA region.


Zebra had an impressive advertising spend, but following an annual company meeting the resellers and distributors requested more media coverage and sales and marketing collateral to support their marketing efforts throughout EMEA. 


Incognate worked with Zebra to create a public relations and content plan to raise the profile of Zebra Card Printers distributors across EMEA. 



Initially Incognate created a bespoke media kit developed specifically designed to impress editors of target media. Over a three year period we planned and implemented an ongoing content creation programme that achieved regular media coverage and offered maximum support to Zebra’s resellers.



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