365IT is a vendor-independent services company that designs and delivers information and communications technology services and solutions for commercial and government clients. The company has its headquarters in Reading, Berkshire and offices in Poole.

Incognate services provided:


  • Creative consultancy
  • Copywriting
  • Design services

John and his team have the customer at the heart of everything they do. They have provided me with an excellent service and produced high quality work. They’re happy to go the extra mile to make sure projects meet (and sometimes exceed) requirements. Incognate are top of my supplier list!


The company needed to refresh the content on their website and update their IT technical solution sales and marketing collateral. Their existing brochures were inconsistent in style and design having been created over several years. They also didn’t engage well with the target audience. 



Incognate delivered content consultancy in order to devise the best content structure and design layout for a range of brochures for key solutions. We provided copywriting services to 365IT to produce website copy, blogs and several solution overviews. The company was so pleased with what we provided they also tried out our design services and weren’t disappointed.

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