Direct B2B Marketing for Technology Companies

Integrated marketing services to generate B2B sales leads

The internet has never been noisier, and our attention spans never shorter than they are today. As a result, attracting the people you want to impress takes more effort than ever before, and cutting through the noise demands a new plan of attack.

Our innovative approach to business development and marketing is specifically tailored to give you the results you need. Here’s how.

Sales Lead Generation

Want a consistent flow of qualified, quality B2B leads into your sales funnel? Our integrated approach combines several marketing approaches to increase your sales.

Sales Lead Generation

Do you need a flow of consistent, qualified, and quality leads?
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Event Optimisation

If you’re not getting the attendance at your B2B events, whether they’re smaller breakfast seminars or large scale product launches, you need an event optimisation service that works.

Event Optimisation

Helping you to achieve a higher rate of return from your events
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Account-Based Acceleration

Your existing customers already love what you do and enjoy working with you. So how can you generate additional business from your raving fans and keep your competition at bay?

Account Based Acceleration

How can you generate more business from existing accounts?
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Market Testing

When you want to break into new markets or test new B2B marketing on existing markets, market testing is the only way to evaluate the response.

Market Testing

There’s a 'gap' in the market, but is there a 'market' in the gap?
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Driving the results for Keylane

“I knew we had made the right choice in using Incognate during our first feedback meeting. The drive and focus from the group was tangible, and the specific quantifiable metrics were proof that this was a results-driven team. Their telemarketing campaign resulted in meetings and calls with companies who had never heard of us before.  Quite frankly, Incognate got results.”