How can you reach decision makers today?

B2B message framework to reach company decision makers

How can you reach decision makers today?

You can’t afford to have a generic, mediocre or out of date message when you need to get the attention of decision makers suggests Helen Fox. Competition is fierce, but with the right proposition you will get far better returns on your sales and marketing effort.

As a Business Development Manager at Incognate, I have managed countless integrated marketing campaigns over the years for our clients, and one thing remains paramount to any campaigns success – the right messaging.

It should be fairly straight forward but are you struggling to position yourself to truly differentiate what you offer? Is the valuable messaging you need trapped in the heads of a key individuals? Are your propositions properly aligned to your target market?

Without a clear, concise message and powerful proposition no lead generation project can reach its full potential. So, what’s the answer? Without doubt…the creation and refining of messages that speaks to a specific market target audience and encapsulated in an effective ‘Messaging Framework’ enabling content reuse across multiple sales, marketing and media elements.

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Imagine constructing a building. As the building gets higher you would use scaffolding. Without the scaffolding it would be harder to build, take much longer, and the end result would not be as effective. A well thought out messaging framework acts like ‘scaffolding’ to sales and marketing campaigns, providing the structure and support vital to ensuring you grab the attention of your target audience.

In order to establish the right answers to a target market’s needs you need to ask the right questions. What are the key things that are driving or challenging their business? What is the impact of these challenges? Who is affected and how can you help? Answering these questions, and more, will help you to establish the right proposition.

So, let your competitors build an ‘ordinary house’ while you wow your audience with the Taj Mahal. With the right messaging, the sky’s the limit.

Incognate has an approach to developing messaging that will help to drive out issues and challenges faced by your prospects. It will bring clarity as to how your business meets market, company and individual needs; as well as identifying where you have particular expertise and unique offers.

By Helen Fox, Business Development Manager

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