Telemarketing Campaign Checklist

Telemarketing campaign checklist

Telemarketing Campaign Checklist

In our last telemarketing post we discussed how to design a successful campaign from a somewhat strategic level.

This post goes from the conceptual to the actual and you can download our business-development-checklist that outlines what you should have in place BEFORE you launch your telemarketing campaign.

Here’s a brief overview of the main checklist items and some of what you need to consider:

1. Define goals and objectives

An objective may be to clean a list, nurture clients or generate new sales opportunities.Whereas a goal will be measurable, such as how many companies you need to call through each month.

2. Define market focus

Start broad and drill down to those sectors of the market with issues and needs that you can resolve: decide on the market, then the companies within that market and then identify individuals at those companies

3. Write targeted propositions

Once again, propositions need to be effectively focused. What’s the main message from your company and how does that message need to be refined to match the needs of the targeted sector, company and individual. The outcome of this should be points that can be used as a starting point for a conversation.

4. Draw up qualification criteria

Criteria can be based on simple matching (does this company have enough turnover in the right industry) to activity driven (has this individual clicked x pages on website and downloaded the white paper). Criteria will depend on objectives and what level of tracking and automation you have in place.

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5. Write supporting documents

These are follow up emails, letters and possibly web pages that support the campaign. The messaging should be consistent across every item.

6. Create Related Literature

Company sales collateral that can either be sent to qualified leads or used to determine level of interest online. Examples are case studies, special reports, corporate brochures and online content.

7. Data capture, reporting and feedback mechanism

Set up a mechanism for recording activity and how that data will be reviewed. Measure whether the set goals are being met and – over the longer term – how to determine the effectiveness of the campaign in terms of the overall objective.

Well planned, professionally executed telemarketing campaigns yield good results, especially for high value purchases. But it’s important to have everything lined up first. We’ve drawn up a business development framework that we use in conjunction with our clients when planning a campaign and you can download a copy below.

Download the telemarketing business development checklist here.

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