10 tips for engaging with decision makers in 2023

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10 tips for engaging with decision makers in 2023

Today decision makers are either really easy to access by mobile or almost impossible to reach if you are going through more traditional channels such as email or the company switchboard.

Yet, even if you can reach them your message needs to be highly on point and engaging in order to get their attention. And you need to reach out more times through phone, email, text and LinkedIn.

In fact today, to get your message heard, it is even more critical to discover more about the organisation and the key people you are targeting before you approach them. Why should they listen to you? How will they benefit from what you have to offer either personally in their role or their company. You need to know this to ensure that your message stands out from the rest before you pick up the phone or draft any email.

Here are our tips for reaching decision makers as we move into 2023

  1. Take a look at LinkedIn to see if the person you are trying to reach outlines what they want to achieve in their role. Also who are they connected with and read up more about their company.  
  1. Check out their company website and get to know what the company objectives are via their About page, you will often find backgrounders on key people, but also read up on their latest news. Are they new to the position and if so what is expected of them in this role?
  2. Key decision-makers are also often mentioned in the company’s annual report and for larger companies can give you a clear insight into their strategy
  3. Is there an org chart online, often by checking out LinkedIn Sales Navigator you can see who is connected to who and start to piece together the structure of the company
  4. When calling in don’t be afraid to speak with the receptionist, PA, secretary, administrator, or other people who could help you to identify who’s who and best to approach based on what you are offering
  5. If calling always speak clearly, politely and with authority when you ask to be put through to key people. You are more likely to get through and the way you say things is often more important than what you say!
  6. Know what you are going to say in the first few seconds that will be of direct interest to them and help to secure a meeting or a longer conversation (this could also be shared in an email or even and elevator pitch on a voice mail)
  7. When selling at board level, always pitch to the PAs as they are often aware of urgent business needs, and if you have the right solution, they will help you to get airtime with the right people
  8. Call early in the morning, lunch time or call later in the day after 5 – 5.30 pm, as key people would often still be in the office at this time
  9. Ultimately, remember people will respond better to personalised emails and voice mails that show you done your homework, have focused your message, and are not wasting their time

I hope these tips help you in your quest to get in front of more decision makers. But, if you would rather somebody took away the pain of creating consistent quality and sales qualified leads, then our highly skilled client success team will help you.

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